Shoji Lanterns

Large Tree
Shoji Lantern

Large Tree design:

7 1/2 inch high

Through the magic of the Internet I found myself in conversation with a friend that I 'met' at the Taoist Forum, Graeme Askew.

Over the years we enjoyed exchanging original little Zen poems comparing the seasons, as he lived in Melbourne, Australia and I on a ranch in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Graeme's world was awakening to spring while simultaneously my world was moving into autumn. He died very suddenly in Nov. 2000, leaving us with this lovely verse ..... I have used in this design:

"The cycles of time
wind around each other
and the leaves tumble down
and burst again
from the old wood."

Shoji Lantern

Standard Size Tree design Shoji Lantern


This smaller Tree design Shoji Lantern or the Large one can stand alone, but together they create a little woodland group for your home.


5 1/2 inch high

Shoji lanterns

The Bamboo design:

The bamboo designs were inspired by an ancient Zen folk poem says; "Even strong winds are weakened by obedient bamboo never broken in the wind."

The bamboo used in this design was drawn from plants growing in my yard. Bamboo, a grass, lives under almost any condition and is found on all continents, remaining green even in winter. Bamboo limits it's height when it meets an obstacle, retreating and drawing it's growth inside, thickening it's base. Bamboo is designated as a 'female' plant and representing the 'yin', the flexibility, strength, growth and resiliency of female energy, inherent in both women and men.

5 1/2 inch high

Lg. bamboo
Shoji lanterns

Large Bamboo

More bamboo inspirations from my garden, and in this design I put a little cricket on a leaf, for 'good luck'. When combined with the smaller Bamboo design shoji lantern (that has a little dragonfly hovering in the bamboo) you can create a little bamboo grove in your home.

7 1/2 inch high



Shoji Lantern

The crane design was inspired by a Zen folk poem,

"The crane rises......leaving only the dream."

We have beautiful wetlands in our neighborhood with cranes, egrets and herons, and I drew on all their silhouetted images for this quiet scene.

5 1/2 inch

Shoji Lantern

"Peace Doves"
'Be The Peace You Wish To See In This World'
a little Gandhi'ish idea.
Gandhi also said,: "Make the world your friend"

I created this design with nesting doves to represent the family. Within one's personal family, or the world family, there is not only love and joy, but conflict and disagreement.

Peace....a quiet little word embraces, for me, a great challenge.

The Dalai Lama believes it is through our relationship with those with whom we are in conflict that the opportunity is offered to really know who we are and what we really believe in.

Kuan Yin
Shoji Lantern

Mother of the Universe

This design is dedicated to the Divine Mother who appears as the Chinese Kuan-yin, the Japanese Kannon; also as Gaia, Isis, Sati, Tara and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Within the sigh of the wind, the songs of nature,
you will find her presence; watching, listening,
she forgives you before you ask.

Shoji Lantern

The Dragon design:

Dancing and shouting. "Good Fortune!" this Chinese dragon represents the energy or 'life force' of this planet. Reaching down from the sky and stepping into the sea, (a Tai Chi step called 'Brush Knee Twist' or 'push back the curtin, step out of the shower') the 'Year of the Dragon' leads us into this new millennium ( A hoped-for period of joy, serenity, prosperity, and justice.). This is a most auspicious sign for the new century!

Shoji Lantern Bases

We have designed our molds which we use to hand cast (in stone resin) our own original bases. Each Shoji lantern comes with a base, glass votive candle holder and candle and, of course the shoji cover. The shoji covers are made of fiberglass which can be used indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. This material is noncombustible.