The OCF Path
One could sit on our loft all day, for three magical days, and just watch the fun passing by. But, mostly we get to peek out the entry way, at the passing surprises ........... as we whirl and swirl ...... back in the sales part of the booth, all those joyful days!
Main Stage - where bubbles float merrily into the awakening day.
Sue, who has been a member of our Fair booth family for the past 25 years, and I are having a dancing conversation on 'the path', a few years ago.
At the Oregon Country Fair you can be anybody or anything of your dreams.
At Jill's Crossing a sweet little fairy dances.
A 'woodland' parade passes by our booth with 'The Green Man', a Fir Tree, a Wizzard and more.
This photo of The Fighting Karma Marching Band passes by our booth and is followed by 'The Brides' and 'The Pink Flamingos' parade.
One of the famous (infamous?) Flying Karamazov Brothers jugglers, and other jugglers,'open' the path for The Fighting Karma Marching Band to pass through the crowds.
Near The Library, where books can be exchanged or just taken home, one might notice some original Oregon Country Fair sculpture.