The Touch the Earth - Booth

The 'gateway' into Booth 386, Touch the Earth, on Abbey Rode. Peach Pit maps and OCF INFO booths can direct you to Abbey Rode (the name is sort of like the Beatles' album) or any other cool and colorful spot at the Fair.

Each spring I pot bamboo from our garden and fill in with other ornamental grasses, Japanese maples and Mungo pines (and more!) to be ready to create each year's unique meditative garden...complete with pond and goldfish and bridges designed and built by a member of our booth family, Mitch Zammarelli, who owns Rising Sun Designs. We try to develop the atmosphere in which our lanterns and garden art will find homes.

A young lady has stopped to visit with the goldfish. This is another year's garden, different from the one above. You will see floating, staked and hanging shoji lanterns. The larger lanterns are hand printed silk on hand crafted frames, which hang from hand beaded cords that have our own ceramic symbols (Chinese I Ching character for 'quiet meditation') and Chinese coins. The Zen bell, too, have hand beaded cords and their ceramic symbol is the OM. Most all our products enjoy being a part of a garden and are made to last!

This 'Siddhartha' Buddha was a 'long ago' gift, which has been with me through most of my life, traveling to many states, sitting in meditaiton at hundreds of art festivals and watching over the fresh peaches at the Oregon Country Fair until Monday morning ......... when we all thankfully bite into this rich and juicy fruit!

2005 or so, Bill and I sit ................. we are ready for the day's flurry. The little plastic Hoti 'buddha' ...likes plastic...and holds a banner that states that 'we honor Visa, MasterCard and Diversity!'.

Looks like I am adding a nail for hanging more 'stuff', and someone is teasing me about my competent use of a hammer. Several members of our 'Booth Family' are master cabinet makers!

Early morning at the Oregon Country Fair. Coffee and tea is brewing in the campgrounds ........ benind our booths ........... the day is about to begin.

Evening desends upon the Touch the Earth booth, and our lanterns begin to seriously light the night. After 'The Sweep', when the public has left for the day, we host a wine tasting party, with OCF made fresh sushi, homemade breads, cheese, nuts and more. An annual intimate meeting of friends.

The party is in full swing ........ it feels like a dream that passes too quickly.

Winter in the wetlands of the Oregon Country Fair. Canoeing through the Fair is possible several times each year. (by permission) "We share reverence for the land. Stewardship is everyone's reponsibility" .......... members of our Fair Family pledge to try and "work to extend this practice beyon the OCF and into daily life": from the 'code of conduct' - Oregon Country Fair Guidelines