Our Booth Family
Before the 'public' day begins our crew helps us get set up.
2008, our booth structure is revitalized by Mitch Zammarelli (Rising Sun Designs) and Brandt Weaver, some of our most talented crew. In June you hear the sound of building and repairing all through the Fair's forest.
2008, Mitch is working on pulling down the loft's rotting headers to be replaced by new 4 inch by 10 inch lumber about 15 feet long (Mitch says it was "HEAVY"!). No bees this year...hooray!
2008, Mitch is explaining to Sam and me what we need to do to replace the bamboo balusters.
Our wonderful OCF crew members, the lovely Eva and her sweet husband Brandon, just happen to be our wonderful neighbors year 'round! They're getting us ready for the day's work that goes into this show.
Our darlin' neice Amanda, and the wonderful Eva, talking to Brandon, while setting up the 'sales area' - 2004.
Our resident booth fairy princesses, Christi, and Eva in the morning before the Fair opens to the public.
Some years, when I am very lucky, my son Marco will travel long distances to help us with our booth. He arrives early (Tuesday or Wednesday) and stays late (through Monday) ......... and his mellow humour is always a delight!
This is our official and professional booth photographer, Paul Neevel. Many of the wonderful Country Fair pictures were taken by Paul. He is also Sue's man!
Here are our very own, Booth 386, banditos! Jane and David, from Portland, who drove down to visit us at our studio in Veneta, and we all went out to the Fair to scope out the winter scene. They will be back in July to help us set up and take down our '09 booth, and have a blast with us, too! Bring on the music, dancing and costumes.........