Cathy's Garden

My daughter, Teresa, loves to see 'makeovers'. In late winter, 2001, there was a little house for sale in Veneta, Oregon ......... it had a big studio and shop. Hmmmm!

Here is that same house, now home and studio of Touch the Earth, some six years later.

Most all pictures of our products are shown in this garden, or at a few special spots near the oceanside town of Port Orford, Oregon.

OK, when I say 'touch the earth' I mean it! The garden is ever evolving with edible and ornamental plants.

Spring, summer and fall we enjoy having our morning tea on the front porch, watching the birds, and plotting the plan for our workday.

Japanese and Chinese wisteria and clematis are growing over the pergola in front of our studio. The 'pond' is ready, as soon as we fence in the garden, and I am already developing the pond garden. Just add water, fish and boulders!

Looking toward the studio, past the soon to be pond, you will notice many silk lanterns hanging under the pergola, as we test the durability of our garden art.

In 2003, during a heavy winter period of rain, our pond filled naturally, giving us an opportunity to see what it may look like one day. By 2008 the bamboo had filled in, as had many other plants as they mature.

August 2007 the fence gets underway. Slowly but surely, as time allows, the garden is enclosed. Bill posted "Cathy building a fence' .......... (and blowing her nose) on YouTube!

Snow on the bamboo....bowing to winter. Cathy is evaluating shaking the snow and ice from the bamboo .............. not a good idea ........... best to let it rise in it's own timing.


Summertime, and Cathy and our friend Millie meet in front of the garden.

As an intrepid tree hugger Cathy says she, "cannot put into words what trees mean to me. I am humbled by the strength and power, kindness and gift that every tree on this earth offers. This Douglas Fir was here before me, and I pray will be here long after me."

If you can't find Cathy working in the studio .......this is probably where you will find her ........on her knees ........ touching the earth!